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This is the 30-Day Guided Nutrition Program

It will be for a closed group of a limited number of women on a first come first serve basis. Once you sign up and purchase the program, you will secure your place in The Winter Program. 

Sign ups for this program open on November 19th 2019 and close on November 26th 2019. 

Once you sign up you get to pick your start date. 

What is included in this program?

This program includes everything you need to reset both your mind & body. It is fully plant-based. You will not need any "fancy" ingredients, you will be able to find all ingredients in your local supermarkets. Should you struggle to find something, let me know and I will find a substitute. 

Once you sign up, you will receive a download link to your email with the Digital PDF Guide explaining everything clearly on a weekly basis including meal plans, groceries, recipes, nutrition information, exercise schedules, meditation schedules and more. What you will need to shop for are basic ingredients like fruit, vegetables, rice and beans etc. 

If you would like Yoga Videos to be included in your program, please make sure to answer accurately in the questionnaire you receive after signing up. I will then provide you a special discount code in order for you to purchase the videos. You will be given lifetime access to "Living Room Yoga Sessions" by Amina Taha. A series of six 1hr yoga classes designed to teach you the correct alignment of yoga poses and of course, break a sweat!

You will be added to the Facebook Group for the program members only where we will share our experiences, motivate each other, ask any questions and also I will be available on the group to guide you at all times. For those of you who do not use Facebook that is not a problem, we will find an alternative way to communicate throughout the month. 

What will I receive once I make the payment?

You will receive an E-receipt to your email confirming that you are now officially signed up for the program. You will receive a separate email with a download link which will be valid for 3 days, please make sure to download all files to your phone/computer before they expire. 


The Digital Guide will be sent directly to you in a separate email for you to download the PDF. You have 2 download attempts, I recommend saving one copy to your phone and one to your laptop. Before asking any questions, please read through the guide thoroughly as a lot of your questions will most likely be answered. 


In your download link, you will also receive a PDF file with a list of consultation questions. Please read through the questions, answer the questions directly on the PDF, save it when you are done and email it at your earliest convenience to - this will get us started! 


Once you get back to me with your answers to the questionnaire, if you choose to include the videos I will then explain how to purchase them for a special discounted rate for program members only. You have the option to choose doing the program with or without the videos. 

Make sure you have access to the videos before your start date if you are including them.  

If you have any questions, please email me directly at rather than sending me a message on Instagram as they sometimes go un-noticed. 

The content you receive for this program is strictly confidential and for the person who signed up ONLY. Forwarding/sharing any content provided in this program is a direct breach of our policy and the person will be banned from all future programs.