What to expect

Have all of the latest diet trends thrown you off over the years?

Do you find yourself confused with what you should and should not be eating?

I have created a 30-Day Detox Program which includes a detox box, meal plans, recipes, yoga videos & meditation. 

This allows you to fully RESET your mind & body!

The 30 Day Winter Cleanse will run from

January 7th- February 5th 2019

You will have access to:

The Detox Box

500g Nuzest Protein, 300g Nuzest Good Green Stuff, Nuzest Protein Shaker, 100g Chicory Root Powder, Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper

Living Room Yoga Sessions by Amina Taha

A series of 6 Yoga Videos each 1 hour long. Designed for beginners but suitable for all levels. 

Guided Meditation

Each week we will have a new meditation schedule

Full Digital Guide 

Providing you with recipes, grocery lists and everything you need to get through the month!

Sign ups end on December 16th 2019

Follow @thedetoxprogram to stay up to date! 

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