Out of a serious medical condition came a passion for health & wellness. It all began when I was going into my 20's, diagnosed with a long list of hormone-related health concerns. It was worrying, as I was told there was no cure or remedy. It started with my research in holistic nutrition, using food and natural medicine to heal which led me on a journey to finding a wonderful yoga practice. I became a certified holistic nutritionist in 2015. This soon became an important part of my life, and career path. 

I knew I wanted to release a nutrition guide to help people with all the information that I have personally acquired over the last few years. I wanted to create an affordable one-stop-shop where people could learn more and also experiment with a more plant based diet, safely. I was one of those people who loved to try out new diets and experiment with different foods to see what worked best for my body. I've tried so many of them, from Atkins to Paleo, Alkaline to Keto, being completely vegan and a few extreme cleansing methods. I'm grateful because of how much it taught me - that these diets are not sustainable.

Finding Balance

This is an e-book that was worked on for almost 2 years. It took me a long time to write and perfect. The theme of this guide is all about eating intuitively to suit you. Each person will have a different set of needs, and I wanted this guide to help navigate those needs. It is not a fad diet, or a quick fix to losing weight. It is a sustainable way to live and nourish yourself, by going back to basics. There is almost too much information these days, it is easy to get lost and confused through it all. The guide is a platform to raise awareness for those who are struggling to understand what is good for you and what is not, as so much conflicting information continues to come out.

This e-book includes 25+ recipes, including chicken, meat and fish. 

99% Plant Based

99% Plant Based is a digital nutrition guide that I released in Spring 2017. I give you a way to kickstart your health journey using the tools that I used to heal my body. 

The guide provides plenty of information that answers complex questions about bloating, heartburn, foods to introduce and foods to avoid and much more. You will also have access to 35+ plant-based recipes as well as a 10 day cleanse to get you started.


The Nutrition Program

The Nutrition Program is my latest venture that launched in Fall 2018. It continues to evolve with me as I continue to learn more and more. As of right now it is a seasonal 30 day program that is open for sign ups 4 times a year. It is only open to a limited number of people. I have made it a personalised program tailored to each individual person that signs up. 

Once you sign up you receive a digital PDF and a set of consultation questions which you go on to answer in as much detail as possible about your diet and lifestyle and what you hope to gain from the program. This is where I get to know you and customise the program to your needs. You get me as your personal nutritionist for 30 days, 27+ plant based recipes for the month and plenty of nutritional information.