Let’s talk about summer sun. I LOVE tanning. At least I used to love tanning. I feel like having a tan makes you look so good and beachy. BUT, a few weeks after my trip to Thailand in February, I noticed all these little fine lines, my face looked like a dried prune. Granted only I could see it, but still.
I was freaking out a little. My skin was the driest, flakiest, strangest texture ever from that trip all the way until the end of March! I used SPF 50 on my face AND body while we were in the sun too b-t-w.
I booked a facial that week just to go and exfoliate and hydrate my skin, it felt really dry and rough. My aesthetician took one look and just said “OH, you’ve been in the sun”. Under a fluorescent white light everything becomes horrifyingly clear. She told me a little bit about the sun and the damage it does to our skin and then I did some research.



  1. The heat from the sun (and the UV rays) actually dries up our skin and depletes the skin of its natural lubricating oils which keep our skin looking youthful.
  2. Exposure to the sun can leave you prematurely wrinkled and leave you with incredibly dry, flaky skin. Who wants that?
  3. Exposure to the sun can change the texture and elasticity of your skin
  4. “Women with lower levels of sun exposure look 8-16 years younger than those with higher levels of sun exposure”.
I had heard all of this when I was growing up but for some reason it never stuck. Not until I noticed it in my own skin at age 24. SO PLEASE LEARN FROM ME!
Even in the winter months, the UV rays from the sun can still do damage on the skin even though you don’t feel the heat. Even if its cloudy. THEY’RE STILL THERE! 
Ever since that little freak out. I’ve become extremely high maintenance with my skin in the sun. I was already a little high maintenance anyway but… ITS MY FACE! My face is very important to me.


I would research for hours about upcoming skin care brands, Korean beauty, the benefits of facial oils and facial massage, lymphatic drainage, listen to podcasts with Kate Somerville and the creators of The Glow Recipe (thanks @theskinnyconfidential for these incredible interviews) and I eventually formulated the best, simple and easy skin care routine. One for day time and one for night time which I will do a separate blog post on.


First things first, SPF SPF SPF SPF SPF SPF SPF
Did I mention SPF?


Even in the winter months, the UV rays from the sun can still do damage on the skin even though you don’t feel the heat. Even if its cloudy. THEY’RE STILL THERE! So always apply SPF to your face even if it’s -10 degrees outside and snowing.
I always thought that using a “tinted moisturizer” which had SPF in it was enough, but I’ve recently learned that in fact in production, barely any SPF goes into these products, it is such a small amount. Definitely not enough to give you proper protection.


Now on to my day time routine, I would do this in the summer months and the winter months, just saying.


Step 1

Splash face with water, pat dry and apply a facial oil, use a Jade Roller or a Rose Quartz Gua Sha to facial massage for about 10 minutes. Click here to watch how to use these tools. 
Here are my 3 current favourite oils:
Botnia Replenishing Facial oil
Sunday Riley U.F.O facial oil
Amina’s Skincare Rosehip oil

 I usually have time in the morning and let this sit on my face for about 30 minutes before moving on to step 2


Step 2 (optional) 

Apply 1 thin layer of a moisturizing cream for extra hydration. My skin gets dry in London due to the dry heat, so I opt for this step.
Here are my 2 favourite day creams:
Elemis Superfood Day Cream
Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice

Step 3

Apply 1 layer of SPF 30/50 to face and neck
Here are my current 3 favourites:
Lancer SPF 30
Dr. Dennis Gross SPF 50
Elizabeth Arden SPF 50

Step 4

Apply a tinted moisturizer for a healthy day-time glow
Here are my current 3 favourites:
Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow
La Mer Reparative skin tint (Medium)
Glo Beauty Tinted Moisturizer (Medium)

Step 5 

Keep a sun mist in your bag for a protection top-up throughout the day, especially if you’re going to be in the sun or in the water
Here are my favourite 2 sun mists:
Pixi Sun Mist
Kate Somerville Sun Mist SPF 50
That is my full day-time skin routine whether I'm on holiday or not! It works great and keeps my skin refreshed and fully hydrated! Every other night I'll also apply the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleep mask, it's like an overnight facial. 


I just discovered this so it’s not really a secret. FACE TANNING DROPS. YES. IT MAKES YOU TANNED.
Because I love having that sun-kissed look I did some research and discovered all of these tanning drops that you can apply on to your face, I’ve never been into self-tanners, so I was extremely hesitant. I’ve already tried out two and there’s a clear winner for me.


I ordered the tan-luxe facial drops which seemed to have the best reviews, you add in 2-4 drops of this into your cream or facial oil and then apply to your face and neck.
I did that, and the results were fine, I had a nice glow, but my skin smelled like self-tanner. It was on my face, so I couldn’t escape that smell for 24 hours and then went away. I don’t think I could ever use these again.
I then ordered other stuff from Cult beauty online, at checkout they asked me if I wanted free samples and of course I picked a few. One sample was the Oskia tanning drops.
I tried this product out, mixed in 4 drops with my day cream and the next day it looked like I had just come back from the Maldives, sun-kissed and glowy. I was impressed. And no smell.
The only problem was I forgot to wash it off my hands, so my hands and wrists were stained for about 3 days. Thank goodness no one noticed!!! The next time I applied them I used disposable gloves (lol).
That's it! 
Let me know if you guys try any of these products, I want to know what you think!
Don't forget to follow me on IG and Snapchat, I do daily blurbs on skin beauty and health <3 
L x
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