The last time I updated this list was before I delivered my first daughter Aisha, who is now two years old. Time really does fly! Going through it again after having just delivered my second daughter Amira, there are a few changes that I have made. I hope this helps any expecting mama's with their shopping lists!




My sister got us the Bugaboo Stroller that she loved and used with her first born, it comes with a bassinet for a newborn and then a seat for when they're older. I used this a lot in London as it's very durable and can handle bumpier roads/park walks. I wouldn't suggest getting this for somewhere like Dubai as it is not necessary!

We got the Baby Zen Yoyo for traveling (6m+) as its light and easy to collapse, you can actually take it on most flights with you or check it at the plane door depending on the airline. *Doesn't hold a lot of weight. I still use this stroller when I'm out and about with Aisha (when she actually agrees to sit in it) I will continue to use this one for Amira once she is a bit older as it is still the easiest to get in and out of the car, especially when I'm on my own. 

*We also bought all of the winter accessories for both strollers as we used to live in a cold country like the foot muffs, rain covers etc. 


Maxi-Cosi Pebble Pro Car Seat got the best reviews and is also super light to carry in and out of the car, which is good for mums on the go that are carrying many things at once. It was the lightest one that I found in stores but still sturdy that I feel safe with it. 


Ergobaby Carrier. I see myself using this a lot in the early months especially living in London, being able to walk around wearing this seems a bit easier than lugging a stroller around every time you want to step out for a walk! I don't use this carrier in Dubai so much, but it is useful to have on hand anyway. 



Stokke Mini Sleeper & Extension we chose this because it starts off as your bassinet from 0-6 months, it has wheels which makes it easy to move around if needed.

What I loved about this piece is that you can buy the extension piece and larger mattress/accessories to convert it into the Sleepi Bed from 6 months onwards. The crib is no where near as bulky as other traditional rectangular ones. The oval shape of it is such a space saver. It also saves buying two separate pieces and having to store things. It also looks so cute in the nursery.

*Make sure to purchase all the fitted sheets, crib bumpers etc that come with the beds as they're a specific size. 

Stokke Changer/Dresser we also went with Stokke here because it's a great size, looks modern and clean, super sturdy and you can take off the changer top piece and use it as dresser drawers in the future. 

*It was a bit annoying to put this furniture together, it comes disassembled. Thankfully my dad is super handy and loves assembling furniture but...not fun at all. 


Baby Bjorn Baby Bouncer is the one we went with as most mothers seem to love this one, you manually bounce it with your hand or foot and it comes with cute accessories that you can attach to it for the baby to play with. 


Skip Hop Playmat used for tummy time and what not. 


Skip Hop Activity Centre which Aisha absolutely loved, it's so stimulating for them & they can spin around in the seat to play with all the pieces on it. (Age 4m+)


I've never been fond of the traditional bulky, plastic high chairs that take up half your dining room - they don't look great and obviously take up so much space. My best friend who recently had a baby thankfully shared her favourite high chair with me by Stokke

When we moved to Dubai I bought the Beaba high chair and it is also great, the tray is a bit bigger which I preferred to the Stoke, but both chairs do the job. 

Other Nursery Accessories

Velvet Hangers
Closet Organizer
Fabric Boxes for Drawers
Sleepyhead + Extra Sleepyhead cover




Stokke Bath and Bath Stand I chose this bath because it was smaller and less bulky than the others on the market, I don't have the biggest bathrooms and this one definitely ticks all my boxes. It is also collapsable so you can store it on a shelf when not using it rather than having it taking up space. It comes with the newborn seat as well which you'll need for the first few months of bath time. 

When we moved to Dubai I bought the Beaba Bath Tub and stand, I didn't have space for it in London.

*The bath stand is sold separately, make sure you purchase it otherwise you'll be bathing the baby sitting on the floor! 


This is going to be a long list to link everything needed for changing/bathing.

Baby Bath Box

Hooded Towels 

Soft Baby Sponge

Bath Rinser

Bamboo Face Towels

Baby Hair Brush

Baby Cotton Buds

Massage oil

Baby Nail Clippers

Top & Tail Bowl

Large Organic Cotton Pads

Mustela Cleansing Water, Mustela Cleansing Gel, Mustela Face Cream, Mustela Foam Shampoo, Mustela Body Lotion

Water Wipes


Bepanthen Nappy Rash Cream

Diaper Bin

Electric Nasal Aspirator

Baby Stomach Tea




Spectra S1 Breast Pump is the one I used and loved the first time around after figuring out that the Elvie breast pump did not work for me or drain me properly. The S1 is very comfortable, you can adjust the suction strength to suit you, it is relatively silent and very reliable. Everyone who I have recommended this pump to has told me it is incredible! I continue to use the same pump the second time around with my second daughter, I just bought all new pump parts/accessories. 


Other Feeding Accessories

Nursing Pads

Nipple Cream

Mothers Milk Tea


This is another story. I was extremely confused with bottles. Most mums said to purchase a couple of bottles and wait until the baby tests them out to see what they like. But even with this logic, most mums end up buying 100 different bottles to figure it out and I didn't want anything to go to waste. 

The brand that I came across that most mothers swear by were the ComoTomo bottles. The bottles come with nipples that are for 3m+ or 6m+ so I have linked the extra nipples that accommodate 0-3m. 

Comotomo 150ml Bottles

Comotomo 250ml Bottles

Comotomo Nipple 0-3 months

These bottles worked great for the 0-3 month phase, but then my daughter Aisha started to get a bit more gassy and fussy while feeding. I ended up switching to the Dr Browns anti colic bottles and those worked perfectly, I used them all the way until we removed the bottle completely, I preferred to use the glass ones to the plastic whenever possible. 


Avent 4-in-1 Electric Steriliser 

Ziplock Bags for Sterilised items


Drying Rack



I got around 8-10 vests per age group starting from newborn to 18 months.

Petit Bateau vests

Mamas and Papas vests

*Wait to see on average how big your baby is during pregnancy before purchasing new born size, sometimes the baby is too big for them and you end up going straight to 0-3. Now that I know her size/weight more or less I will purchase the newborn sizing. 


Kissy Kissy

Most of the Pyjamas I got are by Kissy Kissy. The fabric is incredible and so soft. I got around 5-6 PJ's per age group (0-3m to 12m) from this brand and then a few more from other brands which I will list below. 


Nursery Window

The White Company


The White Company Cellular Baby Blanket

The White Company Heart Blanket

Harrods of London 


Aden Anais Large

Aden Anais Square

*We got 3 boxes of each in different patterns, you use these for EVERYTHING!


Kissy Kissy Bibs

Kissy Kissy Hats



Sleep Suits


I'll be using Ecover Zero detergent and softener to wash all of the clothes beforehand, starting soon..

Ecover Zero Detergent

Ecover Zero Softener

Other Accessories

Baby Clothes Drying Rack

I'm almost certain that there are things that I've forgotten to list, so I will be updating this constantly!

I hope you find this helpful!

Layla x 




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