I get asked quite often how I survive being plant based and still go out to restaurants without feeling deprived. This is the best way to share with you all where I go most often and how normally I can eat! 
*All of my orders below are fully plant-based 


The vibe, the service, the food, it’s all here! 
Salted Edamame (I shake off the salt)
Sesame Spinach
Miso Eggplant
2x Zuma Kappa Maki (or Avocado maki)
Sweet Potato
Grilled Asparagus


Dining’s SW3 

We used to live in the Harcourt St. branch a few years ago, it went a little downhill and we stopped going. Once they opened up their new SW3 location and introduced so many new dishes – we can’t resist.
Mushroom Miso soup
Soba Noodle salad (to share – its big)
Little gem lettuce salad 
Seaweed salad with their gluten-free sauce, only because it’s tastier than the regular sauce (ask for it with only Wakame seaweed – it’s much better this way)
Cabbage steak with truffle (I remove the shaved truffle pieces on top because it's too intense for me) 
Double cooked aubergine with miso
Here are my favourite makis/nigiris, I don’t order all of these at once:
Avocado Nigiri
Shitake Mushroom maki (6 pcs – they’ll make it if you ask them to)
Assorted Vegetable roll (I ask them to replace the spicy miso sauce)
Avocado maki (6 pcs - seaweed on the outside)


 Yautcha Soho

We recently discovered this one. I love Chinese food but it’s always over-oily and so heavy that I can’t function after having it. I go here to eat dumplings and dumplings only. I could go here every day! They have so many vegan options unlike other restaurants!
Three style mushroom Cheung Fun
Vegetable Shanghai dumpling (this is Omar’s favourite, its pan-fried, I personally prefer steamed)
Mushroom spring roll (I usually don’t get this, but it is AWESOME if you feel like spring rolls)
Wild Mushroom Dumpling
Crystal Dumpling with pumpkin and pine nuts
Steamed Vegetable Dumpling
Szechuan Dumpling
We usually get 2 of each dumpling – I’m drooling just writing this out tbh.


Kai Mayfair 

Another Chinese favourite, where Omar & I met for the first time! I stopped going here after I cut out fish, but I went recently and realized how many vegan options they have!
Vegetarian Hot & Sour soup (no egg, no tofu – make sure you tell them vegan if you are) 
*If you don't like a tiny bit of spice, ask for the vegetarian corn soup (no chicken, no egg) 
Portobello Mushroom
Option 1:
Taiwanese ‘Purple Charm’ Aubergines
Vegetable Fried Rice (my personal favourite – to share)
OR Ginger Rice (still amazing but plainer – to share)
Option 2:
Vegetarian ‘A Nest of Imperial Jewels’ (these are vegetable lettuce wraps – I get this as my main)
Baby Pak Choy (I have it without garlic)



Whole foods 

I go to wholefoods a lot for a quick bite to eat, they have tasty sushi on the top floor.
Miso soup (I don’t eat the tofu)
Avocado Maki with brown rice
OR Green Goddess roll
2-3 Spinach dumplings

222 Vegan Cuisine  

We discovered this little vegan spot in West Kensington about a month ago, it’s a very under stated simple restaurant but you go there to eat and leave. Fine with me! I like to fill up on the appetizers here because of how good they are.
Hearts Desire
Mezze Selection (to share)
Cauliflower & Polenta bakes
Chef’s Salad
Or the 222 Fresh Burger – Omar’s pick.
If you are here, you MUST try their Chocolate Gateau. It will change your life.



Beetroot (no cheese)
Roasted Peppers 
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Tomato salad (no cheese)
Bean Pilaki
Turlu oven baked vegetables (make sure you tell them vegan if you don't want any butter etc.)

As for cute little cafes with delicious desserts and fresh juices? My go-to delivery spots? Keep reading. . .

Green Spears Cafe

I love this little place, I go to meet friends, have tea and eat the most delicious vegan brownie. It is a must try for sure. 

C Press

They have my favourite take away Acai Bowl, I order for delivery on Deliveroo. They also have a selection of fresh juices and smoothies. 

Juice Baby

I absolutely love this place. They have my all time favourite to-go smoothies, they're honestly all SO good. Also, their coconut BLT sandwich is delicious with their turmeric dressing. 

Feng Sushi

This is where I order my sushi from, it's really tasty and super clean. 

My favourites

Seaweed Salad

Green Goddess Maki

Avocado Maki

Shitake Mushroom ISO (V) Maki 

Crispy Yasai Maki


Good Life Eatery

I go for their soup of the day, I call beforehand and ask what it is and if I like it - I get it. It's always vegan! 


I usually build my own bowl with a rocket and lettuce base or get their soup of the day which is also always vegan with a side of sourdough toast!


A pizza concept that just launched in London, all the way from Dubai. I am not a pizza person, at all. BUT. This isn't your ordinary pizza. Their dough is made out of 80% water and 20% of a high quality flour blend with added fibre. Thin crust. So CRUNCHY! I eat this and don't feel like crap. They have the best vegan options too!  

My go-to order is their Urthie Pinza. Topped with potatoes, caramelised onions, tomato base & I order it with vegan cheese. Omar's favourite is the Faux Meat Lover and Shrooms. Mmmmmmm. 

Farm Girl Cafe

If I want a REALLY good sandwich? This is where you'll find me. I love their coconut  BLT sandwich on sourdough. It's massive but boy oh boy, it is delicious. 

Also their Blue Jack Tacos are delicious.

I force Omar to order these so I can have a few bites of it. 

Wulf & Lamb 

For a quick bite to eat or a take-away, it's a fully plant based restaurant and it's first come first serve seating! They have delicious soups, curry, burgers and salads. 

My favourite item on the menu would have to be their Spicy Veg Burger with a side of mashed potatoes! 

I will be updating this food guide as I discover more delicious restaurants in London, so make sure to check back in soon! 
Don't forget to tag me on Instagram if you check out at of these places, I want to know what you guys think!
L x






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