Ok. I discussed this on my secret Facebook group and I thought I should definitely share this little trick that I use with all of you on here too!

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little sceptical about this, who wants to walk around with their hair smelling like vinegar – that thought freaked me out a little bit. But about a year ago, I decided to give it a try after reading more and more about how GOOD it is for your skin and hair.

I have used a water/ACV combination as a face toner before and I absolutely loved it. I’m not sure why I stopped! But that’s another post.

First, I need to explain a little bit about our hair. We have hair follicles which secrete a lubricant oil called ‘sebum’. There is an acidic layer that keeps our hair healthy and strong, which is usually at pH 5. Most of the products we use on our hair like shampoos, conditioners etc. are more alkaline (pH 7>) which can mess with the pH levels and then disrupt how our hair looks, leaving it prone to breakage.
Maintaining that slightly acidic layer is what we want for beautiful, luscious, shiny, non-breaking hair. 

 Enter Apple Cider Vinegar. 

What Vinegar should we use?

It is vital to get Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. I also opt for organic. This way it retains all of the wonderful nutrients such as potassium, calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C, folic acid and also enzymes. We want all of those nutrients on our hair, buying it raw means that we get them. 


Here are some of the benefits of doing a ACV hair rinse

  1. Balances the pH of the acidic layer
  2. Has antibacterial properties
  3. Cleanses the scalp from any build up (from products etc.)
  4. Reduces frizz
  5. Adds shine
  6. Reduces hair loss
  7. Prevents split ends and breakage
  8. Gives your hair a ‘fuller’ look
  9. Removes/reduces dandruff

It does it all really… Why wouldn't you give this a try?

How do you do it?

Mix ¼ cup of ACV with 2 cups of filtered or mineral water (room temp) in a jug or measuring cup.
Wash your hair as per usual with your shampoo and conditioner. Once you’re done, tilt your head back and rise your head from roots to tips using the entire ACV mixture - wait a few minutes.


If you have dry hair:
Use 3 cups of water instead of 2 and only do this once a month. 
If you have oily hair:
Use 2 cups of water as stated and do this 1-2 times per week.

Rinse your hair using cooler water just to make sure the ACV has been rinsed out completely – this step is optional. I personally do this, but many people don’t rinse it out and say they see even better results.
Your hair will NOT smell like ACV, I promise. Once you dry your hair any scent of it will go away.
It is inexpensive and super easy to do. Thats my little hair secret. Now go give it a try!


Be sure to share your experience with me on Instagram @layla.alnaif

L x
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